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Hello everyone,

Here are my work on transformation art both on commissioned projects and private. I hope you enjoy them, and please leave a comment if you have time.

I started drawing transformation by mid 2012 and I truly love the challenge and I ever curious to work on different situations and subjects; transformation, gender change, age progression-regression, expansion, magically, or mutation, or scientific, please throw me scripts and commission me to do wild fantasy.

I can stomach almost anything, however snail & slug & worm are my limit, I couldn't draw them as I find them repulsive, however tentacles are fine by me

send me e-mail to contact me :) I'm open for commission

my email address is written on the footer of each of drawings I posted here :)

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Sunday, May 26, 2013

my commission pricelist and contact info

for a character illustration my fee is $20 B-W pencil like other works I have here (up to $30 when the character is extremely detailed has wings and such)  per full figure from head to toe.
for example:
2 figures both change into pigs in 5 step so per page it would be 2x$20 = $40 x 5 = $200 total cost

for B-W comic, my fee is $50 per page unless it is very detailed then for that page it would require extra

I have paypal, payment after each page is finished so no need for down payment or payment up front

I'm a slow in drawing, and if my workload is heavy I probably can do only one page per week since I do parallel multiple projects, sometime I'm faster when I have less workload.

this is my e-mail

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, March 18, 2013

My TF blog is open!

As promised it is open, I would dedicate this blog to my clients and their stories of which I have the honor to make illustrations for, and everyone else who enjoy TF arts and stories.

I would use this blog to place finished past works I did and to gain input for them so it would benefit to story developing for future projects, to gain ideas, and also as my portfolio.

please enjoy!